Erin helped me with my allergies, alleviating the need to pop a daily allergy pill! Her warm and caring nature and the cozy office make for a mini self care retreat.  I highly recommend Erin and her thoughtful, holistic approach to well-being. – JB, Jersey City

Pregnancy and Beyond

Erin was a such a great partner on our journey getting pregnant, being pregnant, and giving birth. She was warm yet serious and always made me laugh, think, and feel well cared for. She posses a wealth of knowledge and is constantly seeking more to help her clients with whatever concerns they might have. She is the epitome of a

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Pregnancy and Labor

After a long and difficult delivery of my first baby, my midwife suggested I see an accupuncturist for optimal fetal positioning when I was pregnant with my second. Erin came highly recommended. She helped me to alleviate back and hip pain in the final weeks leading up to my delivery and reduced inflammation and tightness in my back and hips.... Read more »

Allergies, Digestion and Energy

I initially met Erin at a wellness fair where she was doing tongue diagnosis. I have always believed the tongue can tell you about your health, and after noticing changes in mine, Erin’s diagnosis confirmed things I was suspicious about. In just a few minutes, I could tell Erin was extremely knowledgable and skilled in what she does.

I was

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