Erin Kumpf Acupuncture & Herbs


“I’m so grateful to be healthy and energetic again.” – A.N., Jersey City, NJ

She’s warm, understanding, a great listener and the consummate professional. Her knowledge and subtle approach to healing was effective for me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I sought help for a cranky set of complaints including very low immunity, exhaustion, and a shortness of breath after a series of colds and infections. A short course of acupuncture along with her

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“ERIN has helped relieve all my discomforts” – Grace, Jersey City, NJ

Hello, my name is Grace Abecassis i am a older ACTIVE adult who has been with ERIN for the last two years, i suffer from leg pain cramps and lower back issues plus shoulder…. ERIN has helped relieve all my discomforts with her passion for CHINESE MEDICINE and her wanting to get you WELL!!! I RESPECT her professionalism and caring

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“So Glad I found Erin” AK, Jersey City, NJ

I have anovulation and irregular cycles for the past 4 years. Always been on medication and now that I wanted to have a baby, I went through gruelling fertility treatment for months together with no effect. Within a month of meeting Erin, I got a period on my own and also ovulated on my own with zero meds or hormones.

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“More than acupuncture…Erin is a healer” A.S. – Jersey City, NJ

More than acupuncture…Erin is a healer. I’ve taken advantage of acupuncture before for aches & pain but my sessions with Erin go beyond acupuncture. With her thorough evaluation, Erin considers my specific ailments and needs to provide the best course of treatment. She takes the time to explain the process and treatment making me feel comfortable and confident in her

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